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Owning a great truck and not being able to make the most of it is a shame. Driving enthusiast most definitely agree with me when I say that there is nothing worse than missing out on a great driving experience because you did not take all the steps necessary to make your truck as pleasant and fun to drive as possible.

ECM tuning: What all truck owners should look for in a vehicle, is an engine that is both performance and efficiency. Nonetheless, just getting a brand new vehicle will not bring you that, supplementary tuning often being needed in order to maximize the performance and the efficiency of your vehicle. There are plenty of tweaks and little things from which the engine of your truck could benefit from, yet this does not mean that you have to do them by yourself. Quite on the contrary, when it comes to your truck, you always have to trust a professional who has the expertise necessary not to mess anything up. No matter how confident you feel about tuning the vehicle yourself, keep in mind that there are plenty of things that could go wrong and that you could be the cause your vehicle is no longer safe.

Using specialized professionals when deciding to tune your vehicle cannot be stressed enough. The best part about it is that, since there are more and more tuning services on the market, they are beating themselves up to create a stronger client base, thus constantly decreasing their prices. If you have made up your mind to make the most out of your vehicle, find a tuning service by reading online testimonials or reviews.

What is ECU-Remapping?

One of the most popular tuning services requested by truck owners is ECU-remapping. In order to understand what this means, let’s start by explaining what we know by ECU. ECU stands for Engine Control Unit – a control unit that all modern vehicles have. Basically, ECU is a small computer in your truck that controls the performance and efficiency of the engine. Manufacturers of all types of vehicles set the ECU on default sine they do not know what the preferences of the future owner are, nor the different restrictions they should meet. ECU-remapping  refers to replacing the default software of the ECU with a new one that will help the truck perform better.

When discussing with your tuner about the new software you wish to install, you have to take some important things into accounts, such as climate conditions, the laws and restrictions of your country and the quality of the fuel. Regardless of your type of engine, make sure that the software you want to install will make your engine run better, not worse.

How does ECU work?

Remapping the vehicle seems quite straightforward to the outsiders. It gets down to overwriting the default software on the Engine Control Unit with a new one. The tricky part, though, is knowing what software to choose. Here is where a professional comes in handy since he or she will be able to recommend you a soft which will optimize the vehicle’s performance.

After the remapping is done, the tuned software is simply plugged into your vehicle’s serial port. There has been constant development in the field of ECU-remapping. Until 1996, this was done on a chip, the method being known as chip tuning, but the process became outdated due to the easier, more user-friendly and bug-free flash technology.

Benefits of ECU-remapping

If you are not quite sure if you should tune your vehicle in this respect, perhaps reading through the benefits of remapping your vehicle will help. First and foremost, ECU-remapping will save you some money.

Quite simply it will make fuel usage more efficient. Even though the remapping involves giving more power to your engine, thus causing it to consume more fuel, this does not mean that you will have to pump more gas in the vehicle’s tank. The efficiency of the engine also means that the truck will be smart enough to know on what type of road, uphill or downhill, to save or use gas. Another factor which comes into play is your own driving style.

ECM-remapping also benefits the response you get from the engine when pressing the accelerator pedal, with power increasing noticeably. Moreover, given that the power delivery is much smoother, the driving experiences will become that much safer and more comfortable.

Last but not least, remapping also lead to a smaller carbon footprint due to the decrease amount of gas used and exhaust fumes created by the engine.

If you are a driving enthusiast ready to make your vehicle be everything you have ever dream of, or if you simply wish for a safer and more comfortable driving experience, ECM tuning may the answer you were looking for.

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